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AI to Meet KPI, ROI goals for Life Sciences Organizations

Historically, it has been challenging for sales and marketing teams in the Life Sciences industry to capture KPI and ROI metrics against sales presentations and marketing collateral. Marketing surveys and advisory boards have been employed to provide guidance but are no substitute for robust field data.

With the coming of age of sales enablement and rapidly evolving AI technology, capturing vital KPI and ROI data is becoming part of the sales and marketing playbook of leading Life Sciences organizations. 

In a recent survey, conducted by Accenture, “more than 90% of life sciences executives recognized artificial intelligence as important in driving innovation and achieving outcomes such as hyper-personalized experiences, new sources of growth, and new levels of efficiency.”

With many sales teams being field based, travel is a time-consuming part of the job. AI is there to help automate processes for field sales teams as they travel and sell, saving them a lot of time and headaches.

The latest AI, along with a leading sales enablement platform and strategy, supports KPI and ROI data initiatives.  AI will improve the accuracy and efficiency of sales teams by automating the selection the right content, based upon sound metrics from field-based data and marketing research, giving field teams immediate and impactful guidance.

With this combination of technology, ROI can more accurately be estimated at the micro level, down to the individual piece of content. This results in both cost savings and increased revenue streams that can be quickly recognized and capitalized upon.

The sales enablement movement has allowed sales and marketing teams to assess and more easily meet key business metrics. KPIs and ultimately ROI should drive investment decisions such as sales enablement platforms. The leading platforms will enable your business teams to better evaluate initiatives and drive winning behavior utilizing the latest innovations in AI and sales enablement technology. 

At the end of the day, AI is here to stay.

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