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A Letter from David Keane to Our Valued Sales Enablement Community

Dear All,

The impact on the coronavirus on communities has been terrible and our hearts go out to people already suffering in many countries around the world.  

The entire team at Bigtincan wants to do what we can to help communities and individuals understand more about coronavirus, and how to help all to embrace the social distancing and remote working concepts.  

While Bigtincan’s technology might not have major impact on what is happening,  we do know that getting information about the virus into the hands of people is critical to minimizing the spread and to quote the health experts – flattening the curve.

So, what can we do here at Bigtincan to contribute? 

We have created an information pack in the format of a Bigtincan Learning Course that provides information about the coronavirus and COVID-19 compiled from a range of government bodies including major health organizations that we are offering free of charge to organizations looking for help educating their mobile and remote teams.  The course has multiple modules including information about the virus, doing my part, and key links to external sources.

And to support people working remotely we have created a learning program that shows people how to think about working remotely with strategies and best practices to perform at their best when not in the office. The working remotely course has data about tips and tricks to get organized and information about how to use modern tools and how to work with others in a remote world.

Hopefully our small contribution to the global community adds to the growing list of tools used to minimize the spread of coronavirus and saving lives from COVID-19.

We hope that these courses provide some value to you and help in your plans to educate your teams on coronavirus and working remotely. 

Finally, I’d like to give huge thank you to Joe Zeff Design for help in creating the content that is part of these courses!

For more information please visit our Health and Safety Course landing page.

If you have any other ideas about how we can do more or improve what we are going by emailing me at

Yours sincerely,

David Keane,

Co-founder & CEO, Bigtincan

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