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Digital notes and the end of the yellow note pad

Finally – a way to get salespeople to adopt digital notes – by using a tool that works the way they do.

The incredible and unending process of enabling sales people to be more productive – whether in selling in front of a customer or simply in organizing their tasks – has had a strong digital focus during the past decade.  Whether it was simply the introduction of CRM based system, tools to help configure prices and quotes, or new ways of getting access to corporate information through the intranet, sales people have been pushed every day to digitize the entire process of working with their customers.

The power of going digital has freed us; we are no longer paper bound, forced to collect, sort, store, and remember which piece of paper had what information that could influence a sale.

A key part of this movement to digital systems has been note-taking. Digital notes offer huge benefits compared to handwritten paper notes: the ability to easily store, search, update, and share far exceeds that of paper notes.  Further, companies with sales people using digital notes realize huge benefits: the ability to access “tribal knowledge” contained in those notes that employees can share and review to improve performance, pass on important information, as well as simply ensuring that the business can get into the head of the sales person to understand how they work.

But treating sales people working with notes in the same way as other job roles in an organization has not had the level of success or adoption that many of the world’s leading organizations expected.  As we site here in the middle of 2016, how many sales people do you still see using a yellow notepad for their business notes?  It’s time to think about a new way of enabling sales people with notes that finally fits their real use case.

Why hasn’t the sale team adopted digital notes? Due to the very nature of sales work, and today’s push for faster and more efficient sales processes, sales people do not take and file notes like a knowledge worker, executive, or operational worker in most organizations.

Most of today’s note taking software has been created for the daily tasks of those non-sales roles – with a major focus on traditional knowledge workers who are keeping notes in a different, often time-based, structured and sequential order.  And whilst the Internet has been a buzz with note taking software from Evernote to OneNote – something isn’t working.

Sales people often don’t have the luxury of working in that structured, sequential order. Typically, they are working in an unstructured approach where its not possible to simply review what happened in date order.  They need notes that relate to the people, accounts, content and tasks that they are working on, and that are able to be delivered and accessed by others who may also be working on the same tasks.

Next generation sales enablement tools like Bigtincan Hub have implemented notes in a transformative way, designed with the sales person in mind.  With a focus on making notes incredibly easy to create, multimedia rich and contextually relevant – notes in Bigtincan Hub are associated with content that a sales person is using, and automatically synced to the CRM system and related to an account, opportunity, or person that is a target of their current sales program of work. Notes in Bigtincan can even be taken using natural language voice commands right from a wearable like the Apple Watch, and entered automatically against content that the sales person is working with – empowering the sales person to get more done faster than ever before.

This new approach to enables a sales person to easily create and access their notes, share with colleagues, and keep track of what is happening with their customers no matter which unstructured approach they take to their job – for example using the CRM to review sales calls for the day, looking at content pieces to see what follow up tasks related to that content they have to take, and even being able to access those notes anytime in their mobile device can really empower the sales person to be more successful, spend more time selling, and deliver better overall win rates and customers satisfaction.

And with the power of the mobile revolution, – and the Software as a Service approach adopted by leading software like Bigtincan Hub – sales teams have the potential to be more productive than ever. If you’re not already leveraging digital notes in your organization, it’s time to give it a try.  Empower your sales team with power of flexible, content and context relevant digital notes, and measure the impact it can have on the bottom line. You are in for a very pleasant surprise.

Try Bigtincan Hub – Free.

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