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5 Reasons Why Financial Institutions are Investing in Sales Enablement Tools

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, financial services sales professionals need to be armed and ready to provide value at the point of contact with their clients and prospects.  The firms that these professionals represent need to empower and enable their reps with powerful tools to meet their personal and organizational revenue goals.

So why invest in sales enablement tools?

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance

Whenever a financial sales professional has an interaction with a client or prospect, their firms must ensure that all materials presented and exchanged meet the strict regulatory requirements of the financial services industry. 

One key way to ensure compliance is by investing in a sales enablement solution with content management control capabilities.  This key functionality will keep reps and their firms compliant and out of the crosshairs of regulators by providing the ability to restrict access, control sharing, and watermark digital documents.

Shift to Digital

Burdening your sales professionals with paper-based forms and systems is anathema to productivity.  Working with paper leads to disorganization, lost documents, and a poor experience in front of customers.  Today’s leading financial services firms have gone digital, equipping their reps with mobile devices and tools that drive both productivity and enhance brand image.

By investing in a sales enablement platform, firms are able to provide their reps with the ability to organize, present, share and suggest the appropriate, compliant content in the context of the sales scenario.

Mobile First

Your field sales professionals are constantly on the go.  The goal is to have them in front of as many prospects and clients as possible during the course of each business day.  Making it easy for your teams to engage using their mobile devices has become a necessity.  

A powerful sales enablement solution allows your reps to not only access the content they need from a “single pane of glass,” on or offline, but also to seamlessly integrate with both your CRM and e-mail applications from one platform.

The Customer Experience User Experience

Design matters.  With a beautiful interface and user experience, financial sales professionals will adopt sales enablement tools to help drive performance and efficiencies.  With a well- designed, branded and simple interface, sales enablement tools will also drive adoption of CRM tools: And all sales leaders want to increase CRM adoption. 

From the client and prospect perspective, beautiful design enhances not only their experience with the sales professional, but makes your firm stand out as a digital leader. Sales enablement solutions like Bigtincan provide a clean, branded environment that fosters interactive engagements, leaving a lasting impression on your clients and prospects.

Reinforcement of Sales and Product Training… In Real Time

Your sales professionals should be in constant learning and growth mode if they are to be successful long-term.  Providing reps with mobile, just-in-time learning built right into your enablement platform amplifies your investment in their initial sales training.  Having the ability to push out coaching, real-time updates and controlling what reps are able to effectively sell is critical to long-term success.

Clearly, there are a multitude of reasons to consider investing in a sales enablement platform.  With the right platform and implementation strategy, your firm sets its sales teams up for long-term success.

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