Trilogy of Yes

Bigtincan Interview with Sales Expert Andy Olen

Andy Olen, Senior VP of North America Laboratory Diagnostics at Siemens Healthineers, and author of The Trilogy of Yes, has over 20 years of sales, marketing, general management, and entrepreneurial leadership experience from start ups to Fortune 500 companies. We sat down with Olen to pick his brain on his book, the Life Sciences industry, and how technology can help build relationships. Here’s what we learned. Deploy the valuable skills you built in life and apply them to winning in sales Andy Olen described The Trilogy of Yes to us as “a winning approach for sales people and business leaders to help overcome the initial challenges involved in forming a new relationship with a customer.” The “trilogy” of skills that Olen refers to in his book are communication, connection, and cooperation. When we spoke with him, he discussed and shared with us how we translate these everyday skills into effective

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B2B Selling with Stories – Part 1

Ever feel underappreciated by your prospects or customers?  Do they see you as a commodity? I have certainly felt it – and understand why.  Not because I offered a very basic commodity solution – but because most B2B buyers are inundated with solutions and are all too happy to view your or my solution in the simplest, least differentiated terms. It makes life easier. It also makes differentiating and selling value pretty hard.  If you struggle with this, I invite you to join the journey of this series on sales and storytelling. You’ll discover how to find, learn, and tell stories that give you confidence and differentiate you and your solution so you can sell more, faster and at higher margins. 2806% margin – a story about stories 2806% margin. That is what stories can be worth to even the most mundane meaningless products. The 2009 research project called Significant Objects proved just that.

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Recoding Retail Part 3

ReCoding Retail: NRF 2018 – Part 3

My Top 3 Solutions at NRF Here are some really cool solutions I saw at NRF that spoke to the above and beyond. A2B Tracking: I’ve seen a lot of RFID and scanning solutions over the years, but A2B’s RFID scanner, using Zebra tech, is just elegant. It doesn’t require line of sight to find or scan an item in your store, the RFID tags are reusable, and they’ve hardened the solution to military standards so expect security, durability and ease of use. I was lucky to share some booth time with them at Connection’s booth. RetailNext: Remember when I mentioned making in-store analytics actionable? Yeah, these guys and gals have it nailed. Actionable, in the moment insights for traffic analytics, client ID and loss prevention. It even works omni-channel to give your store and corporate teams a complete picture of the retail performance by location or region. Again, another

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Recoding Retail part 2

ReCoding Retail: NRF 2018 – Part 2

Three Commandments of Great Retail Experience. Alright, there are definitely a lot more than three really important things to consider when re-crafting your customer journey, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s focus down on three of the biggest. #1 — Sales Associates should never need to leave the sales floor. Never. Say it with me — never. Unless it’s for the bathroom, a rest break or time to go home, there is no reason why your sales person should be anything but customer facing. Simpler said than done, I know — but cmon, it’s 2018. If anyone leaves the floor, it should be your floor leadership but keep your sales people selling every chance they get. Now, if you can create a strategy (and deploy a solution) that allows your employees to access product information, training, team collaboration and retail execution tools without going out back, you’ve just done

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Recoding Retail blog image

ReCoding Retail: NRF 2018 – Part 1

After a year of watching some of the largest names in retail fall, stores closing nationwide, NRF gave me a sense of relief that the change (and solutions) necessary to adapt to the new normal is here. The problem remains, as it always has, of where to start. Today, let’s recode our approach to retail beginning where it really matters — your frontline associate. I’m going to break down some of the key trends, my top three starting points for retail transformation and call out a couple key offerings we saw that really stood out from the pack. Your employees define your brand. Amazon has broken the mold of what it means to be engaged by a brand. Hiring practices, customer engagement strategies and merchandising practices in many cases haven’t been updated in years, if not decades. It’s easy to drift towards shelf-scanning sensors and store-based camera technology for client

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Bigtincan meets Siri!

Salespeople and retail associates can now use their voice to work with Bigtincan’s market-leading sales enablement platform, improving productivity and providing the flexibility to work with customers in a way that is more natural and easier than ever before. It is 2018; your sales team needs a sales enablement platform to enable access to all sales related content and collateral, learning and knowledge development systems, and company communications to keep them winning. However, the needs of sales and service staff are changing, the speed and competitiveness of the market are increasing rapidly. How can we do more to help our teams to win more and get more things done every day? Sales enablement platforms, like Bigtincan Hub, have been designed to make your sales team more productive. Bigtincan Hub creates a unified platform which helps your sales team win more deals, be better prepared than ever before, and get more

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Mobility and AI transformation in the Retail Industry

Retail store operations and front-line sales teams have a challenge – retail has changed. Rising and constantly evolving customer expectations are driving retailers to find new ways to reinvent themselves to provide the value consumers want. Not only are store operations being asked to introduce new systems, processes and tools, but they’re also tasked with adapting store functionality to fit the way associates work, learn, and engage with customers to deliver an enhanced and personalized customer experience. With foot traffic under pressure from online, and profitability under pressure from increasing staff and property costs, retailers have to make every store visit turn into revenue – either at the point of sale in the store or back at home on the customer’s mobile device. It’s time for retailers to re-evaluate how they’re driving revenue so that they’re also increasing associate productivity and reducing operating costs. Go Mobile For many stores, the

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Thank You Smart Selling Tools!

Thank You Smart Selling Tools for naming us to your list of “Top Ten Blog Articles 2017,” and much, much more. With the end of 2017 clearly in sight, I along with the entire team at Bigtincan are looking back with a sense of real accomplishment, and look forward to the coming year with both a sense of urgency and optimism for what 2018 holds for our company, and most importantly, for our customers. First, our hats go off to Nancy Nardin and the readers of Smart Selling Tools for making this year’s interview between Nancy and I a welcome addition to her list of “Top Ten Blog Articles of 2017.” We were both pleased and pleasantly surprised to discover that Bigtincan was added to this thought provoking list. Thank you Nancy. We’re also very thankful for the many milestones we achieved as a company in 2017, including what was

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Thank You Gartner!

With Gartner’s recent release of their annual “Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales (November 2017),” and their August 2017 report, “Sales Enablement Technology Transforms the CRM Sales Landscape,” there is suddenly a lot of data available for businesses looking to improve the performance of their sales teams. This year Gartner has gone further than ever before in looking at sales enablement and how it impacts companies trying to drive sales growth and improve sales rep productivity. The reports provide anyone, even the casually interested market observer, a good look at how they should view the opportunity these technologies represent, and how their customers are starting to think about sales enablement platforms. As far as we at Bigtincan are concerned, Gartner hit the nail on the head with their 2017 assessment of the sector – To quote analysts Tad Travis and Melissa A. Hilbert, “Sales enablement platforms have emerged

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Welcome Verizon!

Helping sales and service professionals to improve how they work has always been our North Star, the guiding light behind our vision at Bigtincan. But of course, creating an amazing sales enablement automation platform is only part of our mission. In order to have a real impact on the millions of people around the world who need software to help them to win more deals and get more done, we need to align with the right partners. Those who can help to create a total solution and expose the platform to the people who can benefit from its use. With that in mind, it is our pleasure to announce that Verizon Communications has agreed to resell Bigtincan Hub to its U.S. customer base through its Applications for Business suite. You can find further details here. As a leader in tablet sales for the enterprise market, Verizon’s partnership with Bigtincan means

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