Bigtincan meets Siri!

Salespeople and retail associates can now use their voice to work with Bigtincan’s market-leading sales enablement platform, improving productivity and providing the flexibility to work with customers in a way that is more natural and easier than ever before. It is 2018; your sales team needs a sales enablement platform to enable access to all sales related content and collateral, learning and knowledge development systems, and company communications to keep them winning. However, the needs of sales and service staff are changing, the speed and competitiveness of the market are increasing rapidly. How can we do more to help our teams to win more and get more things done every day? Sales enablement platforms, like Bigtincan Hub, have been designed to make your sales team more productive. Bigtincan Hub creates a unified platform which helps your sales team win more deals, be better prepared than ever before, and get more

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Mobility and AI transformation in the Retail Industry

Retail store operations and front-line sales teams have a challenge – retail has changed. Rising and constantly evolving customer expectations are driving retailers to find new ways to reinvent themselves to provide the value consumers want. Not only are store operations being asked to introduce new systems, processes and tools, but they’re also tasked with adapting store functionality to fit the way associates work, learn, and engage with customers to deliver an enhanced and personalized customer experience. With foot traffic under pressure from online, and profitability under pressure from increasing staff and property costs, retailers have to make every store visit turn into revenue – either at the point of sale in the store or back at home on the customer’s mobile device. It’s time for retailers to re-evaluate how they’re driving revenue so that they’re also increasing associate productivity and reducing operating costs. Go Mobile For many stores, the

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Thank You Smart Selling Tools!

Thank You Smart Selling Tools for naming us to your list of “Top Ten Blog Articles 2017,” and much, much more. With the end of 2017 clearly in sight, I along with the entire team at Bigtincan are looking back with a sense of real accomplishment, and look forward to the coming year with both a sense of urgency and optimism for what 2018 holds for our company, and most importantly, for our customers. First, our hats go off to Nancy Nardin and the readers of Smart Selling Tools for making this year’s interview between Nancy and I a welcome addition to her list of “Top Ten Blog Articles of 2017.” We were both pleased and pleasantly surprised to discover that Bigtincan was added to this thought provoking list. Thank you Nancy. We’re also very thankful for the many milestones we achieved as a company in 2017, including what was

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Thank You Gartner!

With Gartner’s recent release of their annual “Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales (November 2017),” and their August 2017 report, “Sales Enablement Technology Transforms the CRM Sales Landscape,” there is suddenly a lot of data available for businesses looking to improve the performance of their sales teams. This year Gartner has gone further than ever before in looking at sales enablement and how it impacts companies trying to drive sales growth and improve sales rep productivity. The reports provide anyone, even the casually interested market observer, a good look at how they should view the opportunity these technologies represent, and how their customers are starting to think about sales enablement platforms. As far as we at Bigtincan are concerned, Gartner hit the nail on the head with their 2017 assessment of the sector – To quote analysts Tad Travis and Melissa A. Hilbert, “Sales enablement platforms have emerged

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Welcome Verizon!

Helping sales and service professionals to improve how they work has always been our North Star, the guiding light behind our vision at Bigtincan. But of course, creating an amazing sales enablement automation platform is only part of our mission. In order to have a real impact on the millions of people around the world who need software to help them to win more deals and get more done, we need to align with the right partners. Those who can help to create a total solution and expose the platform to the people who can benefit from its use. With that in mind, it is our pleasure to announce that Verizon Communications has agreed to resell Bigtincan Hub to its U.S. customer base through its Applications for Business suite. You can find further details here. As a leader in tablet sales for the enterprise market, Verizon’s partnership with Bigtincan means

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Bigtincan at ZoomInfo’s Growth Acceleration Summit

At Bigtincan, one of our main goals is to help our customers close the gap between sales and marketing operations and take their business to new heights. That’s why we jumped at the chance to be part of ZoomInfo’s Growth Acceleration Summit, September 13- 14, 2017 at the Revere Hotel in Boston. Bigtincan’s President and COO Patrick Welch will be getting directly into the conversation, participating in the panel, “Toolkit for Smarketing Success,” on September 14 at 3:50 pm. Patrick will be joined by executives from Act-On, Topopps, Uberflip, PWC, G2Crowd and more as they discuss the challenges and best practices associated with aligning tech stacks to support sales and marketing collaboration across your organization. It’s a session you won’t want to miss! The Growth Acceleration Summit shares the same passion that we do – sharing actionable strategies, tools and frameworks today’s organizations need to foster sales and marketing collaboration

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Bigtincan Hub Offers Day One Support for iOS11

It’s that time of the year again, Apple is about to announce its latest operating system for mobile devices, iOS11 – together with some pretty advanced new hardware. For people around the world who use an iPhone or iPad to do their work, this can be a stressful time. Too often, iOS updates are accompanied by the frustration of users whose corporate apps simply stop working or are incompatible with the updates. This can prevent them from doing their work. And in our field of sales, this could mean the difference between a new account win, and a new account loss. Furthermore, this can be an equally difficult time for business administrators, sales managers, digital marketers, and IT teams. They have been trying for months to get ready for the latest version of iOS, but as their teams start to upgrade personal or company supplied devices, problems can and often

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Bigtincan Hub a Winner at the 2017 SIIA CODiE Awards

Winning the 2017 CODiE award for the Best Sales Enablement Platform meant a lot to us here at Bigtincan. The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) put together an incredible event at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco and our president, Patrick Welch, was on-hand to accept the award on behalf of our entire team. Now that the excitement has died down, we’re reflecting on what this award is all about and why we at Bigtincan are so proud to have won it. SIIA has been running the CODiE’s since 1993 (and one could say even earlier from the previous Excellence in Software Awards), offering a way for the software industry to recognize the best software products on an annual basis. Through independent judging and demo evaluations, the CODiE’s not only highlight the best in software, but provide prospective customers with unbiased assessments to help them compare and contrast different

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Smart Selling Tools Review of Bigtincan Hub

“How can your salespeople move more deals through the pipeline? Well, making every interaction count is a great place to start!” Check out Smart Selling Tools founder Nancy Nardin’s video review of Bigtincan Hub to learn how we can take your selling team to the next level. Ready to take the next step? Click here for a free 30-day trial of Bigtincan Hub!

Bigtincan in the News: Can AI Improve Sales Productivity in Pharma?

This article originally appeared in the July edition of Pharmaceutical Executive For years, pharmaceutical sales representatives have been dealing with access challenges and shrinking availability of prescribers, stemming from a more restrictive regulatory environment, changing economic conditions and new healthcare business models. These factors, in turn, have pressured physicians to see more patients, leaving less time to learn about even potentially life-saving drugs. Whether it’s with key opinion leaders (KOLs), high prescribers, administrators or any other decision–makers, yesterday’s sales strategies and tactics are not only less effective, they’re also highly restricted and regulated. Regulatory requirements are creating hurdles for salespeople. Federal and state regulations, and guidelines from industry associations such as the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), set boundaries for how pharmaceutical sales reps can interact with customers. The “lunch ‘n learn” meeting between reps and physicians, once a key part of the sales playbook, has been significantly

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