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Top Five Capabilities Sales People Need to Give Winning Presentations – #2 “Wow” the viewer

So far we’ve shared three key capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations: empower salespeople with the right presentation at the right time, make presentations interactive and keep it simple! Now it’s time for the #2 capability – it’s time to “Wow” the viewer. Moving from slide to slide and talking to the points written on the screen can certainly be a monotonous experience for both the presenter and the audience. Easy-to-use annotation and slide control promotes engagement, which can be the difference between winning and losing a key deal. Traditional PC-based approaches that are integrated with tools like Microsoft PowerPoint are great for knowledge workers, but for sales people, things are never that simple. You only need to put yourself in the place of that sales person trying to present successfully from their mobile device in that moment of stress and it’s easy to see how the tools

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Top Five Capabilities Sales People Need to Give Winning Presentations – #3 Simplify presenting!

Last week we shared the first two of the five top capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations – empower salespeople with the right presentation at the right time and make presentations interactive. The third capability is less about the delivery and more about the approach to creating presentations – keep it simple! We’ve all been there – we’re in front of our top customer about to give – what we hope – will be a winning presentation and suddenly, the technology fails and the deal is at risk. Using solutions that make it easy for a non-technical sales person to use and become ‘screw-up proof’ is critical for presentation success. Giving salespeople that feeling of confidence is vital for winning presentations. Making it easy to present is more than an idea, it needs to be built into the core of the tools you use to empower sales teams.

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Top Five Capabilities Sales People Need to Give Winning Presentations – #4 Make Presentations Interactive!

Earlier this week we shared the first of five of the top capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations – empowering salespeople with the right presentation at the right time. Today and we’re sharing the fourth– make presentations interactive! For those who are still relying on a PowerPoint deck with some bullets and graphics to present in front of customers, the time has come to wake up to the fact that it is 2017 and customers are looking for more compelling and technologically savvy ways of receiving a sales offer. Tools like Bigtincan Hub enable reps to deliver presentations that have interactive elements – in addition to video and graphics – that integrate seamlessly into a PowerPoint or Keynote deck. We even have our own interactive tool for creating presentations called BTC Studio. We have found that interactive presentations have as much as a 300 percent improvement on how customers

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Top Five Capabilities Sales People Need to Give Winning Presentations

Sales professionals know that giving a successful presentation can be the difference between closing a deal and losing a deal. Prospects expect to be blown away by the slickness of the presentation, the intelligence of the content and the confidence of the presenter. While you can’t have one without the other, there are several critical capabilities that sales enablement technologies can provide to help give salespeople an advantage.. Over the next week, we’ll share the five top capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations. First up, number five: Empowering salespeople with the right presentation at the right time. A winning presentation is already successful before getting in front of the customer when it is created using the most relevant and timely content. Too many salespeople waste time attempting to revamp old, out-of-date decks and laboring through files for anything that fits, in order to avoid “reinventing the wheel.” Oftentimes

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Join Bigtincan! Apple App Spotlight Events in Illinois and Minnesota

Ready to learn more about Bigtincan and the Bigtincan Hub? If so, join the team at our upcoming “App Spotlight” events at Apple Retail locations in Illinois and Minnesota. We will be discussing how you can equip your sales team and field reps with a single point of access to marketing materials, sales reference, research documents, and more. With sales enablement solutions like the Hub, organizations can empower users with relevant insights the moment its needed, better engage with customers and close more details. Discover how Bigtincan can enable your team to share, edit and collaborate right from iPhone or iPad! Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 8-9:30 a.m. CST – Bigtincan will be at the Apple Store at 70 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, Illinois 60523. To learn more about the workshop and to register, visit: Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 3-4:30 p.m. CST – The team will be at

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Top Five Reasons Why Marketing Needs Sales Enablement

Marketers at organizations of all sizes are tasked with promoting the company, building the brand and generating awareness. But beyond that, all too often marketers are asked to adjust and respond to the demands of a sales team, many of whom don’t understand or appreciate the value of marketing content in the first place. When marketers spend valuable time and company resources on creating content the sales teams say they need, they rarely get more than a ‘thanks for that new product deck’ at the next kickoff. Further, the use of CRM and marketing automation tools has kept marketers data rich when it comes to an understanding of how customers interact with public-facing materials, but those tools are not delivering an understanding of what is happening in the field during direct sales interactions with customers. Today, marketers have a unique opportunity to change all that – to take advantage of

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Thank you!

It’s always nice to have a friend that supports Bigtincan Hub. And we believe that for Hub users working with Salesforce every day, having the ability to run Bigtincan Hub content recommendations and guided selling tools right inside the UI is very helpful. Our friends at Salesforce seem to agree that it’s time to let the world know about what this can mean for sales and service people the world over. So a big thank you from us at Bigtincan to the team at for featuring us in the latest “What’s new in apps” email that was sent out to the Salesforce ecosystem.  As our friends at Salesforce say – “Bigtincan Hub delivers smarter, next generation sales enablement technology that measurably helps enterprise sales and service organizations” – and we mean to prove to – so if any of you are interested in giving the solution a try

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Bigtincan Awarded Prestigious Gold Partner Status in Record Time

  It’s been an exciting few weeks for Bigtincan and our partnership with Salesforce! Just last month, we announced that Bigtincan Hub has been added to the Salesforce AppExchange, allowing users to have a single, unified place to access CRM information and Hub content. Earlier this month, we were featured as one of the 12 breakout apps chosen by Salesforce. Today, we’re excited to announce that Bigtincan has achieved Gold Partner status with the Salesforce partner community! It’s rare that a company launch on the AppExchange and be recognized with Gold Partner status within the same week and, we have to admit, it feels pretty special. We recognize that Salesforce plays an important role in the daily lives of reps, which is why we integrated early on with CRM to help our users work seamlessly within Salesforce and harness the power of Bigtincan Hub. Now, not only can users access

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Bigtincan featured on the Salesforce Blog as one of “12 Breakout Apps You May be Missing from your Salesforce Org”

It’s not every day that the biggest CRM provider in the world gives you a shout-out on its blog, which is why we’re excited to be featured as one of the 12 breakout apps chosen by Salesforce. Here’s what Salesforce has to say about Bigtincan: What it is: Bigtincan Hub delivers smarter, next generation sales enablement tools that measurably help enterprise sales and service organizations boost productivity and success. Bigtincan Hub helps sales teams sell better by preparing for meetings more effectively, improving client and prospect engagement, enhancing collaboration with peers, and improving win rates all within Salesforce. The AI-powered sales enablement platform transforms the way sales and service organizations access, share, and collaborate on sales content, helping to deliver the right content to sell effectively in any location, on any device. What customers say: “Bigtincan enables my sales team”…”able to allow our sales people to get the full value

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Struggling with sales team optimization? How to implement sales enablement in a way that really works

Anybody who has ever been involved in helping sales teams to be more successful knows how complex the process to improve their performance can be. Getting sales teams to sell more requires both consistent coaching, training, prodding and yes, some pushing. The challenge is often the human cost of all this work can be more than the business can support. Plus sales-as-a-science hasn’t really worked yet for many. Sales is still an art form that organizations have had trouble codifying and optimizing. So, what if there was a way that companies could start to move the sales process pendulum more towards the sales-as-a-science approach but without the associated links? Today’s sales enablement tools have been designed to do exactly that – to help sales teams get access to the right materials and help the individual sales person improve win rates and customer service. However, turning that into real business improvements

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