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The Consumerization of Sales

This article originally appeared in MarTech Advisor  Three weeks out from #SDSummit and my mind is still reeling from my week in Vegas. Sure, I could blame it on the grandeur that is the Venetian (and how I didn’t leave the building once until my last day), but that isn’t what keeps distracting me from my coffee. After spending years at an organization that doesn’t attend conferences, my memory of them became fuzzy. Stale booths with stale conversations and stale food — that’s all I remember. Sirius was different. Sirius was electric. Sirius was about the people. Emotionally intelligent, genuinely engaged people. So, here’s what’s racing through my mind on this rainy Boston morning. Adoption is not the same as utilization This is a topic I’m constantly obsessing over. I run this seminar from time to time for executives and leaders called Mobility in Reality. For years, I’ve watched organizations

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Join Bigtincan at Salesforce World Tour Boston

We’ve been to New York and London and now we’re incredibly excited to join the Salesforce community at Salesforce World Tour Boston on May 31, 2017. Boston is our hometown, which is why we are going all out for the occasion. We’ll have booth-side demos and giveaways, an engaging presentation from ADP, a cocktail event co-sponsored with Conga and more! Register now (if you haven’t already), follow us on Twitter @bigtincan for up-to-the-minute reports from the show floor, and put the following events in your calendar for Wednesday: Visit Booth #107 Meet with Bigtincan reps for on-site demos and giveaways. Live Speaking Session with ADP Implementing new technologies, across large sales organizations – that everyone will actually want to use – is often easier said than done. Sales reps are flooded with tasks on a daily basis, and are expected to operate at peak efficiency while meeting and exceeding their

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Big week for Bigtincan

Last week was an exciting one for Bigtincan as we attended the SiriusDecisions Summit in Las Vegas and the Salesforce World Tour London event. At both events last week, we showcased our Hub technology and explained how it works to help sales people to win more deals and get more done everyday. We were amazed by how many of you came up to us at the booth to say that you had heard about the Hub on our blog and social channels – so we wanted to take a minute to say Thank You! It was also very exciting to meet so many of our customers and to be able to talk to you about how the Hub is helping your teams. It was helpful and inspiring for us to hear about the very interesting enhancements to the Hub that you would like to see in future release – so

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The Top Two Ways Sales Enablement Drives Business ROI

This article originally appeared in Business2Community Sales teams are the lifeblood of business. Whether sitting in an inside sales call center, meeting customers in a B2B situation or a hybrid rep working from a home office – no matter how much the internet influences buyers, without a sales person guiding a prospect through the purchase decision, the results are almost always sub-optimal. But gaining real world ROI is about more than just employing lots of sales people. Organizations need to think about how they can improve the productivity of the people they already have, and – as they grow the sales team – how they can help individuals better perform with a focus on improved win rates and customer satisfaction. It’s no longer enough for sales operations to focus on the traditional approach to sales team productivity – group sales training, working with marketing to create sales product flyers and

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The One Time it’s Good to be a ‘Maverick’

  It’s good to be a maverick. And not just when flying F14s or singing “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling”  Bigtincan has just been featured by the Salesforce AppExchange video series, App Mavericks. The App Mavericks series introduces Salesforce customers to cool new apps through the eyes of Salesforce super-users and MVPs.  The series gives viewers a fast track view of how exciting technology, like Bigtincan Hub, can be used to drive the success and productivity of sales people using Salesforce and the AppExchange. For Bigtincan, it was a great opportunity to work with Shell Black, President of and Salesforce MVP, to review what Bigtincan Hub is all about and how the tools work. Best of all, the video includes a quick (and yes we mean quick – 60 second) review of how the Hub works on iPad, on the Web, inside Salesforce Sales Cloud and even in email. Check out

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Bigtincan Featured as a Top Sales Tool of 2017

A big thank you to sales tech blogger and selling guru Nancy Nardin and Smart Selling Tools @sellingtools for featuring Bigtincan in their fifth annual Top Sales Tools of the Year Guide! We think Nancy has curated a fantastic list of the best sales tools to: Help salespeople convert more calls into appointments Alert salespeople to who’s most likely to buy right now Handle inbound leads fast and effectively Motivate and excite your entire organization As people become more aware of how important sales enablement tools are to business, we believe that guides like these will be critical in helping businesses win more in the market and improve sales teams’ productivity. So, head over to Smart Selling Tools and grab the free guide to discover how cool technology like Bigtincan Hub can empower your teams for more sales success!

Bigtincan Takes Top Prize in Salesforce Demo Jam

On Tuesday, the Bigtincan team joined the New York Salesforce community of users and partners for the Salesforce World Tour. It was a great event and we wanted to send a big thank you to all of you who turned up to say hello. This event was especially exciting for us, as we were invited to go head-to-head against four other top startups who have created some fantastic technology around the ecosystem in what Salesforce call their “Demo Jam”. Demo Jam is an opportunity for attendees at Dreamforce to get a fast-paced showcase of the best new technology all in one place. All competitors have to be on the AppExchange and have exciting, powerful technology that makes the life of Salesforce users and administrators better. Each participating company had three minutes to give an elevator-pitch type demo without the use of any slides or recordings. Everything is completely live!

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Register Today! Join the Bigtincan and Aragon Research Webinar on May 25

It’s always great to learn from the best – and we at Bigtincan are honored to join Aragon Research, the leading researcher in the sales enablement space, for an educational webinar on May 25th about how mobile, AI-powered sales enablement platforms can help sales teams sell smarter and service their customers better. Aragon Research founder and CEO, Jim Lundy, will join Bigtincan CEO, David Keane, to discuss this key market opportunity and then, for the first time on a webinar like this, attendees will get a real-world, live demonstration of how today’s technology can achieve these goals. It’s a unique opportunity to hear live, from the experts on the webinar, how a smarter approach to sales enablement can make a real difference in your sales productivity – so we hope you can attend! Regardless of whether your interest is purely informational or if you are engaged in an active sales

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Top Five Capabilities Sales People Need to Give Winning Presentations – #1 The Ability to Present from Any Device, Anywhere

We’ve reached the end of our blog series on the five key capabilities sales people need to give winning presentations. Today we’re sharing the number one capability that is vital for delivering the most effective and powerful presentations – the ability to present from any device, anywhere. Every sales person knows how important it is to be ready to engage with a prospect from their desk, the meeting room, a Starbucks or even on a transcontinental flight. When presenting, it’s critical that all the key materials are available and ready to be used online or offline, in-person or remotely. Remote sales teams need technical support more than others, which is why we integrated presentation broadcasting technology into Bigtincan Hub, allowing a sales person to share their presentation without having to start a WebEx, have the customer install software or download an app. But what’s key here again is that, while

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A Quick Look at the Microsoft Dynamics Integration with LinkedIn

The sales productivity market continues to jump, with businesses all over the world realizing the benefits they can get from the latest technology to help their sales team win more deals and be more productive. And some of the world’s biggest technology companies are doing more and more to support these efforts. Most of us are aware of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, which Satya Nadella said would allow Microsoft to combine the power LinkedIn with some of its key offerings. Well, just this week Microsoft announced it would be integrating LinkedIn data into the Dynamics 365 CRM system, enabling new features, such as the ability to pull data from a salesperson’s email, calendar and LinkedIn relationships to help gauge how warm of a lead a prospect might be. Certainly, this is what the folks in Redmond had in mind when they made the LinkedIn acquisition, and shows how critical smart

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