Government - Council Dashboard

Providing A Mobile Intranet Service That Addresses The Specific Requirements Of Councils

When it comes to documents, few organizations can generate the volume and diversity that government councils create on a daily basis. Being able to access documents and collaborate while on a mobile device has been a challenge, until now.

Bigtincan hub™ Council Dashboard provides an easy and secure way to automatically deliver content to council members and their support staff directly to their mobile devices (tablets or smartphones).

Bigtincan hub™ Council Dashboard is easy to implement, scalable and provides users with all the productivity tools needed to access, edit, annotate, collaborate and share content, delivered in single app with an incredible user experience.

Council Business Papers without Paper

Securely manage and distribute business papers and agendas to mobile devices saving printing and distribution costs.

Improve the Productivity of the Council’s Mobile Workforce

Organise and automatically distribute role based content such a Work Method Statements and Operating Procedures to staff working in the community to improve their productivity.  Work with content on a mobile device regardless of network connectivity.

Rethink Council Business Processes

Add Applets to re-engineer a specific activity and make it mobile. Share Applets across the Local Government sector.

Collaborate across the Local Government Sector

Use for regional projects and shared services that involve groups of councils.

Council diagram


Bigtincan hub™ Council Dashboard provides powerful enterprise grade mobile content enablement for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices as well as on a desktop with support for all browsers.  

For more information on Bigtincan hub Council Dashboard, please click here to go to the Task Exchange website.


Flexible packages that will suit the needs of large as well as small agencies and councils that includes licensing, hosting, templates, training and support

Set-up and training for your in-house administrators

Opportunities to collaborate and share content across agencies and councils

Options for deployment include local and regional hosting either in our secure cloud or on-premise

Creation of agency or council specific processes and services

Integration with numerous content repositories and systems