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bigtincan hub

Enterprise grade mobile content management

Secure, Intelligent & Social – these are three defining characteristics of the engaged enterprise. bigtincan hub uncovers the hidden value in the content the workplace produces every day.

bigtincan hub ContentIQ guarantees that people leverage the highest value content at the right time and in the correct context, unlocking the value of the social enterprise. bigtincan hub with ContentIQ, SocialIQ and ExpertIQ ensures seamless collaboration with the most relevant content, and the correct expert – whenever and wherever you are.

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  • Advanced encryption

    Security compliance with key regulatory initiatives including SOX, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and more.
  • Remote content wipe

    Provides complete remote content wipe for the BYOD user.
  • Content policy management

    Content ‘push’ capabilities that puts important policy and corporate information front-and-center for remote workers.
  • Location protection

    Location based content control — stop users taking content to places that they shouldn’t.
  • Security containers

    Works with device side security containers from providers like Good, Mocana, Citrix and more…
  • Remote password change

    Force password changes remotely and link to upstream policy managers including AD and LDAP directories.


  • ContentIQ

    ContentIQ — An innovative content scoring system that highlights and prioritizes content – saving workers in the field significant time while ensuring that the most relevant content is read first.
  • View, edit, annotate, share

    Powerful document management functionality that empowers tablet users to directly edit, mark-up and organize nearly any form of content including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs , videos, podcasts and more
  • Real-time sync

    Real-time sync capabilities that ensures that mobile workers have the most up-to-date, relevant content at their finger tips regardless of location.
  • Instant network awareness

    Instant network awareness that intelligently identifies the best possible network connection for road warriors and seamlessly transitions between WiFi and cellular networks.
  • Integration

    Integration to a wide range of external third party systems from Sharepoint and Outlook to SAP and


  • Live video chat

    Live, document-level video collaboration — letting users see and hear colleagues during direct feedback and editing sessions.
  • Content sharing

    Server based content sharing — leveraging the server to send content as a link with full support for closed loop marketing and reporting.
  • Published social feeds

    Published social feeds and groupbased feed syndication that ensures that remote workers have the most relevant and interesting content regardless of location and connection status
  • SocialIQ

    Realtime content metrics (SocialIQ) — now you can know for the first time who is doing what in the field with what materials. Share content views and clone top users for instantly enabling socialIQ
  • Rating, subscribing and sharing

    Helping users identify and prioritize interesting content and engage with peers in real-time.

Secure Notes

With bigtincan hub Secure Notes, organizations can enable corporate control and oversight to taking of notes on mobile devices. With bigtincan hub v3.5 the enterprise can eliminate the need for users to turn to consumer type notes solutions that have had a history of security issues. Users can create rich multimedia notes that are securely managed, and enable user engagement, and intelligence sharing through bigtincan ContentIQ.

bigtincan hub

Content Services

bigtincan Content Services are enable the creation of systems that allow users to work with content in powerful ways. Content Services include;

  • Locally rendered HTML5 based apps and other web content delivered to bigtincan hub to be able to access the native capabilities of hub.
  • Content display services provide the ability to display or render an extensive range of content types(Flash video, Microsoft Project and Visio and other apps) directly on the mobile device.
bigtincan hub

Integrated Cloud Content

With bigtincan hub users can be given the permission to integrate content from the leading file sync and share services including box, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. For the first time, enterprise IT departments have the control and content governance capabilities to enable users to access cloud-based file sharing systems in a way that integrates those systems into a corporate controlled and secure productivity solution.

bigtincan hub

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